How improve wings by home exercise?|home exercise

back workouts at home


today I'm going to show you 9 exercise

that you can do let's go to get water

let's go

so guys its first to you first when we

talk about with we talk about three main

muscle groups

number one it's outside part of the

chest that will make your chair look

wider from the front and basically give

you this why dude

number two we talk about shoulders

because if you can party from any angle

if you can pick shoulders you will

automatically hear the wider you and

number three of course it's our back and

especially our lads if you look at the

front you can see right there if you

looking from the back you can see right

there so we have three main muscle

groups our side part of the chest

shoulders and let and today c9 exercise

we heat each of these muscle groups so

let's start number one 

 for the first exercise guys of

course we have the king of the white

bank exercise is the pull-ups 



there is no greater exercise in the

world that can make your back why why

the scale has boobs if you still not

have a pull-up bar at your house man if

you serious about the stuff if you see

this about training get one it costs

only 20 bucks but you will immediately

him the crazy setup to work on yourself

to get better and to get wider every day

when it comes to the technique your goal

is not go

chin over the bar your goal should be so

that your upper chest touch the bar and

you automatically

squeeze your scapula and so in that way

you will ensure that you work it on your

legs by doing pull-ups

number one exercise is the pull-up move

into the second one the second exercise

that we work on our length will be one

arm back back roll 

arm back

so all you're gonna

need is a backpack with a tank of water

you will give you a nice wide stance one

leg goes in front another one in the

back you bend over your front leg keep

your back straight and your goal is to

pull to your waist you should

immediately feel your let's start work

it great exercise at home just with the

backpack move into the third one 

the short exercise that will work with our

rear delt and back to give you this nice

wide hook from the back you'll be

reversed push-ups all garni for this

exercise is the piece of clothing you

need to lay on your back stretch arms to

the side and then by slightly your

elbows on the floor come home from the

ground and squeeze your back and the

rear tails and then slowly come down the

whole movement is done only by real

nails and the bed .

exercise number four


now let's focus on our outside part of

the chair for this exercise we need to

get down on the floor with this exercise

our goal is to stretch our outside part

of the chest and there is no exercise

then can do this job better than

elevated hands push-ups need to find

something to put under your hands you

can use this stuff or if you don't hear

it you can use steak of books like I do

so you go down you go slowly and then

your chair slides to touch the ground

and then come up go down nice and slowly

touch the floor come up go down

nice and slowly does the floor feel the

stretch in your outer part chip and Baba

this is my favorite kind of push-ups

that will make your chest popping move

to the next one

exercise number five


 that will make your

chest why there is basic tips if you

don't have jeeps at home you can use two

chains like I do our goal here is to

work on our chest and also stretch in

our side part of the chair lead to the

front go down nice and slowly go deep

stretch other chest don't go deep

stretch it if you combine this exercise

with the push-up from elevated surface

it was fourth exercise when you already

have the crazy chest workout at your

home exercise number six


 guys go do the

exercise the two more our shoulders and

for this one we have side lateral raises

with the backpack

lift your head with the weight so it's

parallel to the ground and then slowly

go back down at the bottom of the


don't lose tension on your side there

just go like this and go

this is one of the better exercise that

you can do at home to make your

shoulders wider moving to the seventh

exercise exercise number seven if you

don't have backpack it's your call but

to still wanna do lateral raises you can

do it

just grip the t-shirt put it around your

forearm try the doorway that you can use

and by sliding down and then come up by

using your side down you can limit side

lateral raises the dog the weight this

is crazy great exercise if you just

begin move down a little bit and then go

up if you advanced move nice and deep

and then nice and immediately you feel

the pump in your shoulders move into the

eighth exercise exercise number eight is

lean planche push-ups this exercise will

work not only up front delt but also

your rear delt let's get down on the

floor so you go is to lean as far as you

can to the position that you can hold

around 30 35 seconds and then start

doing push-ups

my name is forward you can shift a lot

more pressure from each it to the

shoulders and this is the great thing

for us in this exercise this is crazy

good exercise to use in your shoulder

workouts let's move to the last one and

for the last exercise

handstand push-ups

 guys we hear the

key of all shoulders exercise at school

handstand push-ups

show me the guy who can do a lot of

handstand push-ups and I guarantee you

he'll hear huge brothers shoulders if

you can't do handstand push-ups start

with the easiest variation of Pike

push-ups slowly move your legs closer to

your arms then you can lift your legs

and then you can go to the handstand

push-ups this Georgie from easiest Pike

push-ups the handstand push-ups can take

around three four in five months but

start today.

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